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Educational Farm

A funny and educational experience for children


The Agritourism Cà Lo Spelli offers schools workshops allowing hands-on activities and direct experiences with country life.Taking into account the educational needs of each school, you can make changes to the training path so that children can reach goals set by their teachers. The educational activities are carried out and organized by Martina and Alberta Sassetti, two young family workers, who run the farm and the for about 15 years with great passion for the countryside and animals. Alberta obtained a diploma as Dog Trainer in 2014 and Martina has been attending for two years a course for mycologists at the University of Perugia. Both are environmental equestrian guides and pony games instructors.

Educational goals

  • Enhance the relation city countryside approaching children to environmental protection and promote environmentally-friendly behaviors;
  • Educating to the use of senses;
  • Educating children to acquire a healthy diet and a conscious consumption through the knowledge of production techniques, product quality, environmental and health protection.

Courses and workshops

From wheat to bread

  • Goal of the course is to know the origin of an essential element for human consumption following the route from farm to fork;
  • bread production cycle from planting to the mix of ingredients, leavening and baking;
  • children will take part in the activity and can taste the finished product.

From the olive tree to oil

  • Goal of the course is to acquaint the olive tree and the nutritional properties of the product obtained by its own fruit;
  • production cycle, harvesting, from the campaign trail to the mill. Conclusion of the course with taste of the finished product;

From vine to wine

  • Goal of the course is to learn the steps of wine cycle: From cultivation to bottling;
  • vine growing cycle, harvesting and processing of grapes. Harvest, crushing, vinification and bottling.

The vegetable garden and its magic

  • The goal of the course is to introduce products that need soil to grow;
  • demonstration of the activities of soil preparation, manipulation of seeds to protect biodiversity, observation and knowledge of food and medicinal properties of some plants, sowing in pots and delivery of the plant to the pupil.

From fruit to fruit jams

  • The goal of the course is to introduce the different fruit trees and their characteristics;
  • seasonal fruit picking, preparation and processing to jam with final tasting.

The world of animals

  • Goal of the course is to acquaint the children to farm animals: cows, pigs, chickens, horses and ponies;
  • to observe how they are made, where they live, what they eat and what they offer us;
  • children can live their first approach to the world of horses learning saddle and mount ponies;

From eggs to pasts

  • Starting from the chicken coop to collect the eggs, each child will have the opportunity to transform some raw material in noodles or biscuits that in the evening can be tasted by mom and dad.