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News, events and advices of Cá Lo Spelli

The Ugopiadi 2018

The October 7, 2018 at Cà Lo Spelli took place the famous Ugopiadi, the Olympics of pug dog, arrived at their fifteenth edition. A lot of pugs (about 200) have crowded the Cà Lo Spelli in a sunny day that has...


Recipes: The Mallegato pork

The black pudding is a sausage already known by the Romans prepared with coagulated blood pork. In order to prepare it, pork rind and all parts of the head of the pig are coarsely minced and cooked; we add then...


Recipes: “The Ribollita”

The Ribollita is the most typical dish of the Tuscan cuisine. The name "ribollita" means boiled again. Essentially known as a poor soup without meat, it was one of the most common dishes of the rustic Tuscan cuisine. It was customary to prepare...