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The Agriturismo (Farmhouse)

Wellness, nature, relax


Located inside a two hundred hectars organic farm, Cà Lo Spelli is an energetically self-sufficient and at zero emission agritourism. A big wood chips boiler provides hot water and a 50kW solar photovoltaic system fully satisfy the needs of the Agriturismo and the farm. Reaching this goal has required an absolute dedication but it has been a necessary effort in order to respect and safeguard the beautiful nature surrounding Cà Lo Spelli. After all the best products come from environment and earth treated with the utmost care.

The renovation of the Agriturismo was completed in 1998, recovering original materials of the time and keeping faithfully the original architecture of an ancient farmhouse of end ‘700.

Our goal is to transmit love and respect for nature and for animals to the new generations, our future! We are committed in every aspect of our work.

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