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Recipes: The Mallegato pork


The black pudding is a sausage already known by the Romans prepared with coagulated blood pork.

In order to prepare it, pork rind and all parts of the head of the pig are coarsely minced and cooked; we add then half-cooked browned fat particles and, for every ten kilos of batter, two hundred grams of filtrated pork blood.

Flavored with lemon peel, pepper, parsley and garlic, the mixture is stuffed still warm into pig bowels , and boiled for one hour.

Served sliced, grilled or fried, it must be consumed within two weeks.

The pudding prepared in Tuscany, for example, has two particularly tasty recipes: mallegato and biroldo, where the meat is flavoured with a mixture of spices, including the wild fennel seeds.

According to tradition, this recipe was invented in Siena (between the ingredients also raisins and pine nuts), around the ‘700 for the soldiers of a German princess used to eating wurstel.